The Hats and The HatNots

Released October 2022

“Throughout the ages, hats have symbolized authority, social status, protection, and power, and, because it sheltered the head, was often imbued with mystical qualities, as indicated by their use in ceremony and rituals. Whether thus used ceremonially as an intervention between heaven and earth, or as an indication as to who presides over ceremony and ritual, the hat is one of the world’s oldest fashion accessories, reliably signaling status, perhaps as diplomatic accouterment, or as any other type of social differentiation.”

“The Hats and The HatNots” explores the territories of those who make up the overwhelming majority of the black diaspora in the enormous american lands. Its focus, the Hat, and all of its sub-textual trappings: legitimacy, power, honor, righteousness, the glory and resurrection.”

Extracted from the Introduction, by Joe Lewis “The Hats and Hat Nots”