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The Hats and The Hat Nots

“The Hats or Hat Nots” explores the territories of those who make up the overwhelming majority of the black diaspora in the enormous american lands. Its focus, the Hat, and all of its sub-textual trappings: legitimacy, power, honor, righteousness, the glory and resurrection.”

“Allen’s images are knee-deep in the estuaries of life, black life, and their unique communities that have adapted and flourished nonetheless within the brackish waters, and not so delicate nuances, of ongoing cultural oppression.”…..”his image cadence interjects black and white color onto the populated rectangular solids, cubes, spherical, and triangular edifices of the clotted hierarchical urban spaces we call home.”

“Moreover, like his imagination, this refined palette can place whites on top of each other with perfect separation and definition and corral unlimited shades and values of gray while coalescing around blacks, the most prominent color in the universe.”

Extracted from the Introduction, by Joe Lewis”The Hats and Hat Nots” Published by QCC Art Gallery Press

Released Fall 2022
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Good Looking Out

“…is what Black People say to each other when they say, “Thank you.”  It’s a concept connected to an experience Jules had over thirty years ago. He cites a chance encounter with an upper-middle-class-looking brother working in his garden on Strivers Row in Harlem who asked him for the time.  Jules told him, and the guy replied, “Good looking out.”

It took 30+ years of pictorial gestation and traversing the United States and Africa to arrive at this collection, Jules mused, “Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you.”

Introduction by Joe Lewis. Published by QCC Art Gallery Press

Released June 2020
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Jules Allen Books

Marching Bands

The fifth book by Jules Allen, documents the marching band as a modern, precision art form that fully embodies the love of the public event as a spectacle. Dynamic marching bands breathe the soul and spirit of Africa within the modern world. They create extravagant pageants intended to inspire, educate and entertain. Culled from field trips ranging over a period of almost 30 years, the 96 images within the book, capture the bands as they engage in trash talk, swagger and colloquialisms.

“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard / Are sweeter . . .” 

Introduction by Joe Lewis. Published by QCC Art Gallery Press.

Released July 2016
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Jules Allen Africa Book Cover

In Your Own Sweet Way

Documenting an intimate, personal dialogue of the streets, back alleys, household settings and landscapes of several countries culled from several trips ranging over numerous years, the 72 images within the book, as stated by writer, Michele Wallace, in the introduction to the book, “are telling us at least one hundred very concrete things about that which we may think we already know, but don’t know nearly well enough of contemporary African cities.”

Personal and intimate collection of conversations across the African continent. Introduction by Michelle Wallace. Published by QCC Art Gallery Press.

Released September 2013
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Jules Allen DoubleUp Book Cover

Double Up

A personal, photographic story of life inside New York City’s Gleason’s Gym in the 1980s. It is a story captured and revealed by Jules Allen, an award-winning photographer with a keen eye for nuance, texture and rhythm. The book is a result of Allen’s work with one of the gym’s renowned boxing trainers, Bobby McQuillen who also worked with the great jazz trumpeter, Miles Davis. Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe provides a review of the book stating, “Jules Allen’s energetic eye gives us a raw yet warm view of boxing; in all its grit, he has captured the grace.”

Preface by James Mtume and Foreword by Herb Boyd.  Published by QCC Art Gallery Press.

Released September 2011
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Nudes Book Cover

Black Bodies

Jules Allen’s photographs are remarkable for their very raw and very real sense of beauty. Black Bodies is a photographic book of black women’s bodies—not as film, television, or music videos would have us imagine them, but presented with grace, wit, and erotic power.

Black Bodies has the potential to add another dimension to the American definition of beauty.

Released June 2002
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Hats Book Cover

Hats & Hat Nots

Turned up, broken down, cocked; always signifying attitude. Everyone’s hat is correct. The work is rooted in respect, memory and tradition.

Foreword by Faustino Quintanilla and Introduction by C. Daniel Dawson.  Published by QCC Art Gallery Press.

Released August 1993
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