Jules Allen Photography | Marching Bands
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Marching Bands

The marching band is a modern, precision art form that fully embodies the love of the public event as a spectacle. Dynamic marching bands breathe the soul and spirit of Africa within the modern world. They create extravagant pageants intended to inspire, educate and entertain. Each marching band is announced, refined and reinforced through highly distinctive, visual as well as musical signatures.

The tightly rehearsed bands offer an orchestral sound and presence immediately distinguishable from standard bands which can seem suddenly stiff by comparison. To capture bragging rights the bands engage in trash talk, swagger and colloquialisms. The presentation is a staged explosive fantasy featuring a coded, persistent, ancient African vocabulary, directed by the blurred hands of the drum corps. The book is available via Amazon.com and was reviewed by the New York Times, The Guardian and LifeForce Magazine.

Marching Bands
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